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Portions :700

                        Ingredients                                                     Quantity

                        Egg yolk                                                          15 lb
                        Sugar                                                               10 lb
                        Brioche bread                                                 36 no. ( 9 four inch pans)
                        Heavy cream                                                   14 ea
                        White chocolate                                               40 lbs
                        Butter                                                              15 lbs

Meringue :
                        Egg whites                                                       12 lb
                        Sugar                                                               8 lb

For Vanilla sauce :
                        Milk                                                                 6 ltr
                        Sugar                                                               1 kg
                        Corn flour                                                       300 gms
                        Egg yolks                                                         40 ea
                        Vanilla extract                                                 few drops

For greasing :
                        Butter solids                                                    4 lbs
                        Sugar                                                               6 lb
                       Ganache                                                          8 lb


  • For Vanilla sauce, boil milk & sugar, cream yolks & cornflour & whisk in the milk,add vanilla extract & cook on slow heat till it reaches a coating consistency. Strain
  • Remove the sides of the brioche bread, cut into dices & soak in cream.
  • Melt the chocolate with butter & keep aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, cream sugar & yolk, add the melted chocolate on slow speed.
  • Add the bread & cream, mix well.
  • In a separate bowl, prepare meringue & fold into the bread mixture.
  • Grease the soufflé cup, put one spoon of ganache on the base, portion out the pudding mixture, keep aside.
  • Bake in the evening at 180 f for 45 mins. Remove, dust with powdered sugar & serve with vanilla sauce.

 Enjoy my recipe......Silakan dicoba dirumah ya...

Bitter & Blanc Chocolate Brioche pudding

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