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Lobster Tail (10 Portions)

Lobster tai presentation

Broiled Lobster Tail (10 Portions)


Lobster tail 12 oz                                                : 10 ea
Potato baking                                                      : 10 ea
Potato Yukon Gold                                             : A little
Lemon                                                                    : 2 ea
Limes                                                                      : 4 ea cut in wedges
Tomato cherry red                                               : 10 ea
Tomato cherry yellow                                         : 10 ea
Chives chopped                                                   : 2 tablespoon
Parsley chopped Italian                                    : 1 tablespoon                                     
Heavy cream                                                         : 4 tablespoon
Red onions chopped                                           : 1 cup
Rosemary                                                              : 10 stems
Butter                                                                     : 4 tablespoon
Salt                                                                         : To taste
Salt sea or kosher                                                                : for garnish
White pepper powder                                        : To taste
Lobster Nage                                                        : 2 tablespoon
Citrus Drawn butter                                           : as accompaniment


·         Bake baking potato (with skin) until just cooked. Peel when still hot and dice.
·         Finely chop lemon rind and reserve the lemon juice.
·         Sauté red onions in butter, add lemon juice and chopped rind.
·         Add diced potato, cream and chopped chives. Season.
·         Lightly roast the Cherry tomatoes & Sauté with butter & chopped parsley. Season
·         Cut lobster into two (with shell). Detach meat from the shell before cooking; skewer the tails with bamboo skewers to retain their shape.
·         Season lobsters with salt & pepper. Cook over the grill.
·         To assemble- using a round cutter shape the potatoes on the center of a square plate.
·         Arrange yellow cherry tomato and Red Cherry Tomato around the potato ring as shown. Place line wedges on Charred Tomatoes as illustrated.
·         Arrange halved lobster over potato and hold them with the help of a long rosemary stem.
·         Drizzle lobster nage over lobster.
·         Serve with citrus drawn butter.

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