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Wisata Bali


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Welcome to Bali
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Bali is the most favorite tourism destination by many domestic and international tourists.  Why Bali is so special?. The answer is that Bali is a unique island. The uniqueness is found in its culture, its people, the resort, etc. In addition to unique, Balinese also has an amazing tourism destination and natural places. Regional tourism are everywhere. There on the beach, mountains, fields,forests, Sacred Temples etc.. With many of the resorts in Bali this allows
the tourists happy and will not regret it for a trip to Bali since many places they will visit, not enough time for one week toured in Bali.

Kuta Beach sun bath

The calm of the Ulun danu temple located in the middle of the lake in serene of the mountain's weather

Bali famous as the land of the thousands temple and peacefull elements
The peoples tradition in every aspects of the traditional ceremonies are beleieved could maintain the balance of the sky and earth and that's why the Balineese still carry on what their great parents traditions until recent day,The land of Bali are full with the natural soft fragrances everywhere you go you will smell the beauty of Bali that could brings the peacefull feelings to your mind.

Balineese Hinduism are influenced by the Indian Culture but it's all mixed in harmony with the local arts and tradition,As the great of the priest of early century bali was connected to the Majapahit kingdom,The Balineese is the only one land that still exist in the hinduism religion after for many expansions and colonialism,so bali is the picture of the modern ''Majapahit kingdom''tradition that still exist until now,The very close of the Balineese with the nature made their live more peacefull and loves what their island provided for them,the people are smiley and so friendly.

After the 90's periods there were build so many Hotels and Resort and the commercials tourism bussiness because of the explotions of the tourist visitors,Bali begine to be the land of tourism and most of the people are hanging their live for the tourism and hotel industries.

The ladies take a bath and wash their clothes in the river

Goa Lawah temple ,The Bats Cave temple

Kecak dance

Kecak dance is the dance which is perfomed by the hundreds dancers and the singers,the singers are sing the musical elements so the music

Pura Taman Ayun

Barong Dance with the traditional Balinese sword called "Keris"wich is torn to the dancer's naked chest,this dance strory based of the balance of  beetwen good and bad that will always exist in the humans life and society,this dance is performed in the ritual ceremony as the offering for the god for the negative and positive elements so it's creat prospherity in the Bali island.
Balineese farmer are prepare to plant the rice in the rice field,they use the cows to make the soil get softed and ready to plant with the rice seeds,balineese basic food is the rice the most of the villagers are rice farmers before the tourism bussiness were growth,some of them still become a farmer until now to live their families.

"Subak" is the rice plants system that the people creates to watering their rice field balance in each other from the higher level to lower level,so the water comes from the mountain and goes to the river towards the rice field,unpurposely they looked like a nature art sculpture that paint the rice field,the modern people called it "Rice Terrace"
This is the rice terrace that located in the Tabanan regency in the west of denpasar city,sorrounded by the Bali mighty mountain.
Traditional Market

Monkey Forest in Ubud Village

Rice Terrace

Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Tabanan Rice terrace

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