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Prime Rib Of Heaven

Prime Rib 

For Prime Rib

Beef Rib Eye                                                                                 1Ea (approx. 20 Portions)
Garlic Peeled Fresh                                                                                    3 Cloves
Herb Thyme Fresh RTU                                                                                  1 Ea
Salt & Pepper                                                                                                to taste

For Baked Potato

Potato Baking                                                                                                10 Ea
Oil Vegetable                                                                                                 1 Fl Oz
Butter Unsalted                                                                                             0.25 Lb
Veal Glaze                                                                                                      1 Fl Oz
Black Peppercorn                                                                                           a few
Salt                                                                                                                    a few

For Garnish

Tomato Regular 6x 7                                                                                     10 Ea
Green Beans Frozen (Cut into half slantwise)                                          1 Lb
Cauliflower Fresh                                                                                          3 Hd
Garlic Peeled Fresh                                                                                   10 Cloves
Cheese Parmesan (Grated)                                                                            6 Oz
Oil Vegetable                                                                                               2 Tblspn
Parsley Italian                                                                                               0.5 Bu
Herb Tarragon Fresh RTU                                                                      a few sprigs
Parsley Curly                                                                                            a few sprigs
Herb Oregano Fresh RTU                                                                      a few sprigs    
Butter Unsalted Solids                                                                                0.25 Lb
Bacon Fat                                                                                                     2 Tblspn
Salt & Pepper                                                                                                to taste


Prime Rib

Rub Beef Rib Eye with Thyme, Garlic and Salt & Pepper prior to Roasting. In a preheated preset Oven, Roast at:
        MR- 180 F for 120 minutes
M-     180 F for  180 minutes
MW- 180 F for 240 minutes
Ensure to arrange Beef Rib Eye directly on the Oven Grill to facilitate even roasting.
Remove from the Oven and slice of the Fat layer just prior to achieving the correct doneness, ensuring to rest the meat for at least 20 minutes prior to doing this. Slice 9.5 Oz per portion on the slicing machine at the time of service. Sprinkle Kosher Salt on the Meat after slicing.

Baked Potato

Peel & Wash Potato carefully, arrange in a Large Sheet Tray, brush Vegetable Oil and season with Salt. Bake in a hot oven at 350 F for 35 minutes. Remove from the Oven just before it is fully baked. Slice with Skin into two breadthways.
On a hot flat top grill, melt Butter and sear Baked Potatoes (Flat side first) in order to give it some color. Pour Veal Glaze on it and sear for while. Season well.  This should be carried out as close to service as possible.


Cut Tomato into Half breadthways, ensuring to slice off the base enabling adequate balance. Cut Cauliflower into small florets and blanch in salted water.
On a hot flat top grill, melt Butter and sear Tomato Halves (flat side first). Pour Balsamic Vinegar and season well. Arrange in a large sheet tray over parchment paper.
Heat Bacon Fat in a hot Pan and sauté Cauliflower Florets and Green Beans, season well. Arrange 3 ea Cauliflower Florets and 5 ea Green Beans over Tomatoes (please refer to the Photograph). This process can be carried out by the night shift, the garnish can be arranged ready to be used for service the next evening.
Just prior to service sprinkle Grated Parmesan Cheese over Tomato Garnish and gratinate in the Salamander.
Slice Garlic Cloves thin and shallow fry in Vegetable Oil.

Finish & Presentation

Place sliced Beef Rib Eye at the lower bottom portion of the Plate. Place Tomato Garnish at the top left hand corner and Baked Potato on the top right hand corner of the Plate.  Garnish with a sprig of Curly Parsley, Tarragon & Oregano and Garlic Chips.

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