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The Facts of Bali Civet Cofee

Civet coffee is coffee beans taken from the rest of the civet droppings (civet). These coffee beans have different tastes when eaten and passed through the digestive tract mongoose. Notoriety of this coffee in Southeast Asia has long been known, but only widely known among fans of coffee, after coffee mongoose published in the 1980s.

Civet coffee beans is the most expensive in the world, reached 100 U.S. dollars (nearly Rp.1 million) per 450 grams. Even in the United States, there is a cafe or a shop that sells coffee Luwak (Civet Coffee) the price is quite expensive.

Luwak coffee Probiotics

Researchers at the Institute for Agricultural Technology Assessment Bali, Suprio Guntoro, find probiotics Luwak coffee. These findings, in addition will make the production of civet coffee powder to be unlimited, also will protect the mongoose populations (in the wild).

In the production process of natural civet coffee, coffee powder obtained from coffee beans obtained from the digestion process mongoose (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) that eat the coffee fruits,then milled after the beans are dried and roasted.

The findings Guntoro probiotic civet coffee, coffee beans produced from ripe coffee cherries are picked, then fermented in particular with probiotic microbes originating from the small intestine and the appendix mongoose.

"Civet probiotic coffee produced by adopting the digestive process of mongoose. Probiotic microbes obtained from the isolation of microbes in the small intestine and the appendix mongoose, we make sure there are pathogenic or cause disease, "said Guntoro, Tuesday (May 11, 2010) in Denpasar.


With probiotic microbes, civet coffee can be produced on demand and is not limited to the number of mongoose or mongoose consumption capability. Valuable Luwak coffee powder is relatively expensive, at $ 1 million - Rp 1.5 million per kilogram. Coffee Luwak coffee exports are also a mainstay for Indonesia. "Production of probiotic civet coffee could protect the animal mongoose populations (in the wild). Due to the large demand for civet coffee, then generally Luwak coffee is produced in a way menernakkan mongoose, "said Guntoro.

According Guntoro, in terms of taste, probiotic Luwak Coffee Luwak coffee is almost equal to that produced naturally. In fact, the audience recognition Guntoro citing coffee, civet coffee flavor is more delicate probiotics, but the coffee flavor is stronger.

Guntoro admitted, research on self-help Luwak coffee is done since 3 years ago. Now the invention is in the process of patenting and registered through the Institute for Agricultural Technology Transfer Manager at Bogor in coordination with Agricultural Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Agriculture. Along with that process, carried out tests of scientific research data Guntoro by the Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, Jember, East Java.
(Source: Kompas.com).

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