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Amuse Guelle Recepies

Chicken Quenelles with Port Wine Poached Grapes & Prunes.
Yield: 50 Portions

Chicken Breast 3 Oz: 6 Ea
Egg yolk                : 2 Ea
Cream Heavy: 3 Oz.
Chicken Stock: 32 Oz. (for Poaching)
Veal Glace: 8 Oz.
Port Wine: 8 Oz.
Sugar: 2 Oz
Grape Black: 25 Pcs.
Prunes: 25 Pcs.
Red pepper jus: For plate presentation
Mint Juliennes: for garnish.
Salt: To Taste
White Pepper Powder: To Taste      

·         Mince the 3Oz chicken breast in a blender with a little stock and pass it through Tamis. Add egg yolk, cream, & seasoning. Ensure that the farce has to hold together, it should not be loose or runny.
·         Make a small ball and test poach to check the texture and seasoning.
·         Poach Grapes & Prune wedges in Port wine.  Cut them into quarters and reserve in the poaching liquid.

·         Prepare chicken quenelles, (using a lido dessert spoon) as per order and toss in rich veal glaze at the time of service.                      

·         Draw two lines with red pepper jus on the top left hand corner as shown above.
·          Spoon out a ring of the port wine reduction and place a quenelle on top, garnish with mint juliennes.
·         Arrange the prune on the right hand bottom of the plate and grape on the left hand bottom of the plate.

Saya presentasikan pakai piring kotak...
·         Dap019whp23 - 4.75" Square Mode Plate

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