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Asparagus &Fennel Tart recipe & Method

Portions: 36Portion

Asparagus Frozen (Thawed & Drained)                                               1lb
Fennel Fresh                                                                                         1lb
Cream Heavy Fresh                                                                            800ml
Chicken Breast Split 3oz                                                                                6 ea           
Chicken Stock                                                                                                200 Ml
Eggs Fresh                                                                                                        6ea
Butter Unsalted Solids                                                                                  ½   Lb
White Pepper Powder                                                                                  to taste
Salt                                                                                                                  to taste
Phyllo Dough                                                                                      1 pkt 
Spinach Fresh                                                                                     2lbs


  • Cut Asparagus &fennel and Sauté in half the Butter, add a little chicken stock, and bring to a boil and simmer, till the vegetables are cooked & the liquid has dried out. Keep aside & cool.
  • Mix Eggs Fresh, 300 Ml Cream, Cooked Asparagus and Fennel, Diced Raw Chicken Breast, Salt & White Pepper Powder in a Blender. Blend to a fine Puree Consistency.
  • Sieve the mixture through Tamis.
  • Pour in a Cake mould, seal with Plastic wrap and Steam at 212 F for 1 ½ Hours. This mixture should be enough for one mould fetching approx. 36 portions each.
  • Cool and Cut into Rounds by using # 4 size cutter, approx. 2 oz each.

For Making the Pouches:
  • Layer the Phyllo dough by applying Melted butter. Use Blanched spinach in between the 2nd & 3rd  layer
  • Cut the layered Phyllo into squares (6 portions per sheet length, 36 portions per pack).
  • Place the cut flan in the center of each square & form pouches.
  • Chill the pouches in a refrigerator. Cook in a hot oven as & when required (prior to each order pick up). Do not cook in advance. It should go straight from the oven to the plate.
  • Arrange as shown in picture along with Tomato Confit quenelle & chervil sprig. 

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