Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

BEEF CARPACCIO (10 portion)



Filet mignon prime 4-5 oz                                  : 1 lb (bright red color center cut)
Garlic & Herb bread                                         : 3 ea (From One Stick 4 Portions)
Lemon & herb butter                                       : ½ lb
Baby Mache’                                                  : 10 Sprigs
Balsamic Vinaigrette                                        : One tablespoon
Star fruit chutney                                            : ½ cup
Capers                                                          : 80 ea
Truffle oil                                                      : 5 teaspoon
Parmesan shavings                                         : 5 oz
Sea salt or kosher salt                                      : pinch
Cracked black pepper                                       : pinch


  • Roll the filet in plastic & freeze.
  • Thinly slice garlic & herb sticks length wise. Spread lemon & herb butter on both sides of the sliced bread. Place them over small cylinder made of aluminum foil (the same size use for potato cannelloni) Toast them on lo heat and forms a shape of wave. Keep warm.
  • Thinly slice the frozen beef and arrange in a square Plate (16 slices/por).
  • Keep one quenelles of star fruit chutney in the center.
  • Spread 8 ea capers on the sliced beef and drizzle lemon vinaigrette over it. Message some truffle oil over the beef and garnish with baby Mache Lettuce at the center, next to star fruit chutney. Spread some sea salt & cracked black pepper over Carpaccio. Drizzle few drop of house dressing over mache.
  • Now place parmesan shavings on either side of the mache.
  • Keep the warm herb toasts both side of the mache as shown in the presentation.

Butter solids                                                   : ½ lb softened
Red onion chopped                                          : ½ ea (medium size)
Lemon                                                           : 1 ea juice & chopped rind
Basil chopped                                                 : one teaspoon
Tarragon chopped                                           : one teaspoon
Chervil chopped                                               : one teaspoon
Italian parsley chopped                                     : one teaspoon
Salt                                                              : to/taste
Crushed black pepper                                       : to/taste
  • Melt butter. Add chopped red onions and sauté. Add lemon juice & rind. (The color of onions will brighten). Cool.
  • Mix all the herbs in soft butter and add the sautéed onions.
  • Chill until ready to use.

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