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Baked onion Soup/Soup Bawang Bombay



Brown veal stock                                                 : 2 gal (reduce to 1/3rd of its volume)
Onions red                                                            : 3 lb
Butter unsalted                                                    : ½ lb
Glace de viande                                                   : as reqd.
Thyme fresh                                                          : few sprigs
Brioche bread                                                      : for soup garnish
Grated parmesan cheese                                    : ½ lb
Swiss cheese sliced (thick)                                 : 10 slices (for soup garnish)
Bay leaf                                                                 : 3 ea
Wine white                                                            : 200 ml
Sherry dry sac                                                      : 200 ml
Brandy house                                                       : 150 ml
Salt                                                                         : t/taste
Crushed black pepper                                        : t/taste


1.       Slice brioche loaf ½’ thick. cut into rounds.( to the size of soup cup)
2.       Trim off the edges of Swiss cheese to the size of soup cup. Chop the trimmings and mix with grated parmesan cheese.
3.       Melt butter; add sliced red onions and bay leaf sweat covered with butter paper till all the moisture evaporates. Increase heat and sauté till the onions are nice golden brown. (do not burn)
4.       Deglaze with white wine. Reduce completely.
5.       Add reduced veal stock and sherry. Bring to boil, skim off excess fat and simmer for 15 mts. Add some glace de viand if required.
6.       Remove from heat. Add thyme sprigs and flambé’ with brandy.
7.       Cover with silver foil for ½ hr to let the flavors infuse.
8.       Discard bay leaf and thyme sprigs form the soup.
9.       To serve: heat up the soup and pour into a white lion head tureen, top with brioche, Swiss cheese slice and grated parmesan cheese & Swiss Cheese mixed  in equal quantities.( 3 Table Spoon per Portion) Finish in the oven at 350’c for 10 mts or till the cheese is nicely colored.

My Mom's Recipe...hehehehe,guarantee your mouth will full of liquid....when u smell it.

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