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Porterhouse Steak

Presentasi untuk Classic Porterhouse Steak (10 Portions)


Porterhouse steak 24 oz (prime)                       : 1 ea
Sea salt or kosher salt                                        : t/taste
Crushed black pepper                                        : t/taste
Chopped fried garlic                                          : 1 Cup
Veal glaze                                                             : to brush
Mache lettuce                                                      : for garnish
Oil vegetable                                                        : for cooking the steak
Basil oil - red wine reduction                           : For garnish.


·         Season porterhouse steak with sea salt and crushed black pepper. Cook on a grill as per order.( the striploin side takes longer to cook than the fillet side, so the steak must be cooked at the edge of the grill half way for some time)


·         Make an arch on plate with a split emulsion of basil oil and red wine reduction.
·         Using cookie cutter no.1, prepare a mould of kosher salt. Arrange as shown.
·         Using a cookie cutter no. 2, prepare a mould of hand crushed black pepper. Arrange as shown.
·         Using a cookie cutter no. 3, prepare a mould of chopped and fried garlic. Arrange as shown.
·         Brush the steak with veal glaze and season with kosher salt. Arrange the fillet side facing the accompaniments in plate, as illustrated.
·         Garnish with few leaves of Mache Cut Slant as illustrated. (Place Mache Leaves At last on Plate).

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