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Creamy Chicken

Chicken in Creamy Foie Gras Sauce,Fresh Shitake and Oyster Mushrooms

Ingredients for Bresse Chicken with Foie Gras Sauce: (Serves 30)
Chicken (Bresse) Whole: 5 Ea
Button Mushrooms Regular: 0.5 Lb
Shallots: 1 Lb
Garlic Unpeeled Fresh: 2 Oz
Butter Unsalted Solids: 2 Lb
Wine White Cooking: 1 Qt
Cream Heavy Fresh: 3 Lt
Salt: To taste
Powder White Pepper: To Taste
Sherry Vinegar: Few Drops
Foie gras: 10 Oz
Sliced Cepes Mushrooms: 30 Slices
Shitake Mushrooms: 60 Ea
Oyster Mushrooms (Even Sized) - 30 Ea
Caramelized Garlic: 30 small and even sized cloves.
Green Peas Frozen: ½ Cup
Micro greens: to Garnish
Basil Oil: Few Drops

Caramelized Garlic Confit:
·         In a pan add unsalted butter, keep it on moderate heat. When butter is clarified, add unpeeled cloves of garlic and cook about 30 minutes until they are cooked ( butter will turn golden brown and also the cloves of garlic), remove  skin and reserve hot in  same butter.

Procedure to Cook the Drumstick & Thigh: (Cooking Process to start as close to the service time as possible)     
·         Remove  legs from  bresse chicken, careful enough not to damage the “chicken oysters” .Cut away  feet and separate  thigh from  drumstick 
·         Remove wings and trim the bones behind the rib cage, in a manner that chicken rests on its back while breasts are cooked.
·         In clarified butter, sauté the legs in a pan on medium heat. Season it well with salt and pepper.
·         Brown legs uniformly starting with the skin. Keep on adding soft butter, this will prevent butter from getting brown
·         Then add mushrooms, onion and the clove of unpeeled garlic and allow it to cook.
·         Pour over white wine and let it reduce by  two third.
·         Then cover it with cream and let it simmer for about 25 - 30 minutes
·         Remove legs from the pan and strain sauce through a chinois.
·         Bone the legs and arrange drumsticks and thighs in a pan. Reserve for the evening session.

Procedure to Cook the Breast:
·         Apply softened butter to the breasts while still on bone, and season it with salt and white pepper powder.
·         Then roast them in the oven for 18-20 minutes at 385 F, and baste them 2-3 times with cooking juices and butter from the dripping tray.
·         Remove them from oven and let them rest on the side for 10 minutes, then remove breasts from the bone and put them in the sauce
·         From each chicken we get 6 portions. Carve each breast into 9 pieces with the skin on; allow three pieces of breast per portion.
·         Carve out three pieces each from the drumstick and thigh with the skin on.

·         Sauté oyster mushrooms in butter and color them till golden brown, season with salt and white pepper powder.
·         Remove stems of the shitake and color them golden brown, season them with salt and white pepper powder.
·         Since the Cepes mushrooms are frozen and turn soft after thawing, they need to be cut evenly, of similar size. We need to use slices from central part of mushroom and end parts can be used in sautéed medley of mushrooms. Color them in butter.
·         Thaw and remove skin of the green peas reserve in chilled water. This can be done prior to service.
·         In a Deep Plate Q 43 (used as an under liner for the Washington apple tart tatin) after mentally dividing the plate in two halves, place the sautéed cepes in the center. Place the sautéed oyster mushroom below that. Towards its right, arrange two pieces of sautéed shitake shaped like a fan overlapping on the oyster mushroom. The sides of shitake mushroom should be visible.
·         Arrange a piece of dark meat each from the drumstick and thigh; arrange three slices of breast on top overlapping the dark meat. Top it up with a clove of peeled garlic, from the caramelized garlic confit.
·         Take some cream sauce and put it in a sauce pan and, blend it with foie gras( left from the trimmings of the foie gras roulade) and since this sauce oxidizes fast; therefore it must be done as close as possible to service, few drops of sherry vinegar are added to bring a touch of acidity. Ensure that the sauce is frothy.
·         Nappe the sauce on top of the breast, garnish with sautéed green peas, micro greens, and few drops of basil oil.

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