Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Maospahit Temple

Maospahit Temple is the most ancient temple in Denpasar, right in the middle of the city on the road to Tabanan. It dates back to the Javanization of Bali in the 14th century. No less interesting, although more recent, are the temples of the royal families: Pura Kesiman with its beautiful split gate, Pura Satria and its lively bird market, and Pura Nambang Badung near the princely compounds of Pemecutan and Pemedilan.

Pura Maospahit or Maospahit Temple is located at Jl Sutomo. This is an ancient temple with a long and glorious history dated back to 14th century. This is a temple typical of the peak of the Majapahit period being constructed largely from red brick. Sadly, much of it was destroyed in the early 20th century earthquake but there are some original remnants including the guardian statues in the inner courtyard. This is a charming temple and one which is seldom patronized by tourists.
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