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Bali in particular and Indonesia in general still have a culture
treatment was quite effective and is still trusted by the community
to cope with existing disease. This cultural legacy should remain
maintained and preserved, so it can be used to support
Indonesia fully born human development and the heart. Nowadays
Balinese knowledge about healing (usada) still has life
really related to Hindu religion, few people
want to study carefully. This is due to that the people of Bali
socio-psychological barriers to study the ejection (usada and speech).
Because there is a discourse that is incorrectly interpreted and transformed so that
people felt uncomfortable and hesitant and afraid to study papyrus text.
For example, the discourse aywa Wera (self-control or for carefully) in
learning, this means should not be told or learned.
Traditional Balinese Treatment (usada), which was introduced by the ancestors
is a healing science that is informed by religious values
Hindu. Sukantra (1992) states, usada is a traditional medicine in Bali,
the source of his teachings contained in the ejection. Ejection problem of treatment in Bali
can be divided into two classes namely class and ejection usadha
said ejection (Nala, 2002). In the papyrus said (tatwa) contains about teaching
supernatural characters or wijaksara. Subjects anatomy, phisiologi, healthy-sick philosophy,
padewasaan treat the sick, sesana balian, tatenger sick. While in
in Lontar Usada contains about how to examine patients, estimating disease
(diagnosis), mix of drugs (pharmaceuticals), treatment (therapy), predict the course of
disease (prognosis), ceremonies relating to the prevention problem:

(preventive), and treatment (curative). Further in Lontar Usada Taru
Pramana described ingredients derived from plants Tumbuan. Inside usada
This mythology of plants that can speak and efficacy menceritrakan
himself. Balinese traditional healers who truly learn usada called
Balian usada.
Narasumber:  Ir. I Nyoman Prastika, M.Si
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