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Spring Hot Water

Tabanan in addition to having the well known tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot and Bedugul, also has the potential of nature in the form of hot water.
Tourist attraction that there is hot water in Baturiti.
Angseri hot water, maybe the name is unfamiliar to travelers, but the actual hot water Angseri is one tourist attraction in Tabanan. The hot water is located in the district Angseri Baturiti, Tabanan, Bali. Not many tourists know tourist attraction this Angseri natural hot springs.
To achieve this Angseri Hot Water Natural tourists can take it with either vehicle wheel 4 (four) and the wheel 2 (two).

The road to the hot water was a little up and down and twist. Initially the road that we travel toward smooth yet arrived at this tourist attraction, running slightly damaged and their somewhat steep. Before reaching the gate, we were treated to views of rice fields, where the Tabanan regency is famous with the nickname Paddy Granary.
Also a lot of green plants that can we meet here and bamboo forests that add the fresh atmosphere. Upon reaching the gate we can see the most hot water shower outside.
In hot water angseri natural attractions have an adult pool and a swimming pool complete with children's play facilities, such as slide and swing. All of this swimming pool water warm. Additionally, for travelers who prefer to soak in the atmosphere of a closed, here are also provided six closed chambers with a maximum capacity of 5 persons per room.
Private cubicles are cleaned after each use by visitors and the water is always updated. And here is also equipped with a chamber that is destined for "nunas additional".
This natural hot water, according to local belief can cure various skin diseases, because it contains sulfur.
This can be seen from the waterfall that is orange (orange), which shows that it contains sulfur in the water.
Other facilities provided in natural attractions Angseri hot water is the toilet, restaurant, and parking space.
While enjoying the hot water, we can also enjoy the beauty of a small waterfall located near the adult pool and views offered in Angseri hot water is also not less interesting, the verdant rice fields also we can enjoy around this hot water bathing place .
We can also see the farmers who were working paddy fields. Entrance to the hot water is only USD $ angseri 4000 and the tourists can enjoy the warmth of hot water and beautiful scenery this Angseri that are served here.
To enjoy the facilities that are closed cubicles provided this tourist attraction of the tourists only need to pay additional USD 10,000. Cheap enough for many facilities and beautiful views are presented in this Angseri natural hot water.
But there is no such hotel accommodations provided here. For tourists who want to stay, can rent accommodations around Bedugul area not far from the tourist hot water this Angseri. Hot water Angseri located approximately 15 minutes from Bedugul and 5 minutes from Jatiluwih. Angseri hot water is a tourist attraction that is very easy to reach by the tourists. To achieve this tourist attraction, from Denpasar only takes less than 1 (one) hour, and from Ngurah Rai Airport it only takes approximately 2 (two) hours.
The tourists may visit this tourist attraction in the morning, because during the day, hot tubs contained in this tourist attraction will be cleaned and emptied for the next day. So the tourists should visit this tourist attraction before lunchtime. Hot Water Angseri is a place of potential as a tourist destination in Bali, as this place is unique with hot water and surrounded by green plants around it.
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