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Jatiluwih rice terrace

Jatiluwih is one of the place of interest  in the area of Penebel, Tabanan. Jatiluwih famous for its natural beauty with terraced rice fields which neatly. in this place also in the beautiful mountain scenery named Batukaru mountain, because the location of this Jatiluwih right at the foot of the Batukaru mountain.
Jatiluwih rice cultivation has an area of approximately 636 ha. And this Jatiluwih rice field located at an altitude of 700
meters above sea level. This area is a suitable place to visit for the one who missed the Mountain fresh air and the natural panorama as a place to soothe the mind, because of the beautiful place that is still natural with fresh air.
Jatiluwih also has complete facilities for a visitor such as:
lodging, restaurants, places like gasebo as temporary rest place,
Take your time to take some pictures for this beautiful place with your own camera,
The dominant community in this village as a farmer and cattle breeder.
The history behind the name of Jatiluwih is derived from two words which consist of the word "Jati" which means "REALLY" and "LUWIH" which means "GOOD or beautiful" and what if in this club,
Jatiluwih is divulging scenery is really beautiful and good.
Where rice cultivation is still very traditional Jatiluwih, Jatiluwih still uses a system of water control system which is a traditional irrigation system of Bali.
With a still strong traditions that attracts the visitor.
From Jatiluwih tourists can also visit the hot spring water of angsri,because the distance from the hot spring angsri Jatiluwih so is close.
Although the location of this resort is very isolated, with roads winding,but many area attractions that we can enjoy there. For the journey to this region also is not boring,because we travel along the beautiful river views along the way in which vast stretches of rice field,
and the shady trees that lined all the way to Jatiluwih.If you want to visit tourist areas filled with green rice fields stretching to the beauty and it's tradition so Jatiluwih are the areas you should visit,
I am sure that you'll feel amazed at the scenery in front of you.

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